EmuCenter2 - Portable Edition

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  • This version of EmuCenter2 can backup / restore all options / data of the frontend but also those of all the emulators,
    allowing store the complete installation in a USB stick.

  • Actually, this Portable Edition is an experimental functionnality,
    so if you encounter a problem, mail me to emucenter.2.@free.fr
    (Remember actually i cannot guarantee that's all working correctly!)

  • Before launching EmuCenter2.exe, the host machine should have .NET Framework 4.0 (or 4.5) (Windows 8 already include this Framework)

  • If you plan to use this Portable Edition in a removable device (such as Usb Flash drive, SDHC, Usb Hard drive,...),
    it's recommended to use a fast removable device (for example an usb (3.0) hard drive).
    Otherwise a loss of performance occurs during some actions. (due to speed of write/read access of your removable device)

  • The update packages of EmuCenter2 (update.*.*.*.*.exe) can be used for update this Portable Edition.


    - even if your Windows is a 64-bits system, the update package will install the 32-bits version of EmuCenter2)
    (if you want to use EmuCenter2 x64 binary, move files from ".\x64-bin\" folder in emucenter2 root folder.)

    - if you use this "Portable Edition" + EmuCenter2 installed normally, an error may arise during (or after) the installation of the update packages (update.*.*.*.*.exe))
    or when you uninstall "normal" installation of EmuCenter2.
    To overcome this, run once the EmuCenter2 version you want to update / uninstall, and then run the update package / uninstaller script.
    It's also recommended to backup the APPDATA folder before running the uninstaller script. (default location "C:\Users\Public\EMUCENTER2")